These are fully functional razor parts that "MIGHT" have minor wear and tear, machining flaws, scratches, dings, pits, patina or have been used and returned by a previous customer.  There might even be some nicks or marks, but there won't be any Matts or Dougs. 

  • Yes, they still shave exactly the same as a new razor.
  • All sales are FINAL there are NO returns accepted on these parts.  
  • NO, we are NOT TAKING PICTURES of any of the parts.  If you want to see the parts, look at the new ones; there will not be any major differences. 
  • Yes, they have been cleaned before we ship them to you
  • NO, You can not get the military discount on these parts
  • Yes, we still offer free shipping on orders over $50 in the U.S. 
  • I know that someone will still have questions that we have not covered above so feel free to contact us and ask us.