• SOAP2: Timeless Razor's Etherea Shaving Soap by Shannon's Soaps


    Timeless Razor's signature scent by Shannon's Soaps

    Unlike your Timeless Razor, some things were not meant to last... Like a delicate ice sculpture or a beautiful sunset, your morning shave comes and goes in what seems like an instant.  Just because it's brief, doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed.

    Intangible, heavenly beauty is what inspired us to create Etherea, a collaboration between Timeless Razor and Shannon's Soaps.  Etherea draws you in with a bright citrus-cologne top end that is finished off by an enticing hint of warm amber, delicate florals, and earthy sandalwood.

    It also features a new premium formula, with goat's milk, mallow extract, sea buckthorn, and meadowfoam seed oil, on top of the tallow, lanolin, shea butter, cocoa butter and kokum butter found in our traditional soaps.  It's the post shave you've come to expect from Shannon's Soaps - one that makes your skin feel so good, that you wonder if you could skip the splash.

    So enjoy your shave while it lasts, and take in the intoxicating aroma of Etherea before it fades.  Thankfully, there's a matching splash that can make that moment last just a bit longer...

    Ingredients: Saponified (with potassium and sodium hydroxides) oils/butters of tallow, kokum, avocado, cocoa, shea, stearic acid, coconut; glycerin, lanolin, coconut oil, goat milk, mallow extract, buckthorn extract, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, fragrance.

    4 oz Container