• TRSCLKIT2WS: THE GIFT: Scalloped head (0.68MM BLADE GAP) 14mm x 100mm PINEAPPLE handle, and stand: STAINLESS STEEL



    If you are NEW to Safety Razors or if you are NOT SURE what to purchase for someone else; this is OUR RECOMMENDATION.

    The Gift Safety Razor Kit includes:

    • 1 Scalloped head 0.68 BLADE GAP (base and cap) : Stainless Steel 
    • 1 H2 handle: 14mm dia x 100mm long PINEAPPLE DESIGN : Stainless Steel
    • 1 14mm stand : Stainless Steel

    This is one of our more popular designs, it is cross between our solid bar and open comb.

    The 0.68 mm blade gap gives a mild and smooth shave that is perfect for beginners or people with sensitive skin. 

     All 4 pieces of this scalloped safety razor are solid 304 Stainless Steel.  Using cutting edge technology your razor starts off as a raw billet of stainless steel. We then cut, machine, hand polish, and clean your razor to a brilliant shine or matte finished (your choice).  The result is precision you can feel.

    The solid stainless steel construction of this razor adds weight to the handle and head for an effortless pull.  The extra large rinse out channels make clog free shaving easy. 

    Each razor is manufactured here in the USA, in our state-of-the-art CNC machining facility.  

    Each razor comes with a 30 day money back guarantee minus shipping both ways. 

    HANDLE DIMENSIONS                                                                              

    • Weight: 94 Grams
    • Length: 100mm
    • Diameter: 14mm
    • Weight: 40 Grams
    • 0.68 mm blade gap

    **NOTE** The underside of the caps are NOT polished.  Tool marks may be visible here.  This surface is left unpolished to keep a tight tolerance on the pinch of the blade. 
    The tops of the base plates (where the blade goes) does not get as much attention as the rest of the base plate due to the fact that it is going to get scratched by the blade upon use.

    RETURN POLICY: Return within 30 days for a refund minus $10 to cover our shipping costs.