• TRBR78: Timeless BRONZE OPEN COMB Safety Razor: 0.78 mm blade gap



    This Bronze OPEN COMB Safety Razor will make a great GIFT for someone you love (or yourself).

    The Timeless Razor Bronze Double Edge Safety Razor is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT razor than any of our other versions.  This is a fully CNC milled Safety Razor made from solid C954 Bronze.  This process of manufacturing is different than the wire E.D.M. cut stainless steel and titanium Timeless Razors.

    This OPEN COMB 0.78 mm blade gap is aggressive enough to give a great, close shave while still being smooth enough for those with sensitive skin.  Do not be fooled by the blade gap.  This razor will get the job done.  

    For those of you looking to watch your razor age along with you, this is a great choice in materials.  Over time this bronze will form a nice patina that can be appreciated by the more sophisticated wet shavers. 

    If you want to keep it shiny, just clean it with a little bronze cleaner and a soft cloth

    FINISH: The finish is a lightly buffed, lightly polished version.  Tool marks will be visible. 

    SCALLOPED CAP: Weight 14.1 grams

    BASE PLATE: 30.5 grams

    STAND: 141.1 grams

    HANDLE: 14 mm diameter x 85 mm Length  84.7 grams