Our Story

The Timeless Razor brand was founded by a family of machinists who own and run Triaxis Machine & Tool, LLC in North Royalton, Ohio USA. Triaxis Machine & Tool specializes in producing high quality, plastic injection molded parts, first class CNC machined parts from all types of metals as well as wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Swiss Machining and CNC Turning.

While looking for the perfect shave, we struggled with finding a high quality double edged safety razor that gave us a close and clean shave. We didn't want a subscription or disposable razor; we wanted something of premium quality and long-lasting. As a result, we purchased a few luxury safety razor sets, but each was still missing something. When we examined the design of some of the premium double edged safety razors we noticed areas for improvement. We knew we could make a better double edge safety razor.

Our family developed a very high-quality double-edge safety razor, modeled after the safety razors of our grandparent's generation. With our precision tools, in-house machinery and our commitment to high-quality American-made products, we developed Timeless Razor.

We are the design team, the manufacturers, the shippers, and the customer service department. We do not outsource these critical components of the company as we view them as vital to producing a superior product that will stand the test of time.