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Scratch N Dent BLUE Shaving Bowl

Scratch N Dent BLUE Shaving Bowl

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The same great shaving just with minor blemishes. Our plastic shaving bowl is perfect for those who are always on-the-go.


The Material: Our bowl is made with plastic injection molding and polypropylene polymer. It will not crack or shatter; it is durable and high impact - the perfect traveling addition. If you like it hot, our bowl is able to hold heat longer than ceramic or even stainless-steel bowls.

The Design: The bowl is designed with a raised pattern on the bottom and the sides. This makes whipping up a great lather simple.

The Weight/Size: The bowl is lightweight and compact, able to fit securely and comfortably in our leather travel bag.

Care and maintenance of this bowl is simple; rinse your bowl out and clean it with your preferred soap.


Material: Polypropylene Polymer 
Height: 69.85mm
Weight: 119 grams
Inside Diameter: bottom: 82.55mm // top: 112.71mm


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