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Timeless Razor

Stainless Steel .5mm Base Plate SLIM EDITION

Stainless Steel .5mm Base Plate SLIM EDITION

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SLIM EDITION: The .5mm Slim Edition base plate is wire cut with our EDM machine for precise tolerance! This slim profile makes getting under your nose and neck easier than ever and phenomenal maneuverability! The 0.5mm blade gap makes for a smooth and efficient shave! THE .5mm SLIM Edition Base plate DOES FIT our regular cap and handle and a great addition to any Timeless Razor! There is nice blade feel with this razor however it is very smooth and efficient with a light touch and correct angle!

Choose a cap, handle, and stand (optional) to build your own slim razor.

  • Made from solid 304 STAINLESS STEEL
  • Choose from Open Comb or Solid Bar


  • OPEN COMB STAINLESS: 19.8 grams
  • Length:41.275 mm
  • Width: 22.6mm
  • Height: 5.6 mm
  • BLADE EXPOSURE: 0.05 mm
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