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TICBASE: Custom Dual Comb Base Plate, Titanium

TICBASE: Custom Dual Comb Base Plate, Titanium

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Never choose again. With our dual comb base plate, you can achieve a variety of shaves at a cost-effective price. When you purchase a custom base plate, you can choose what type of shave you want each morning, without having to switch back and forth between multiple base plates.


The Design: Our dual base plate is unique because you can decide the design. Choose between a variety of combinations: Open comb/scalloped base plate, open comb/solid bar base plate, solid bar base plate/scalloped base plate.

The Weight/Size: Your base plate will be balanced perfectly to give you control over your shave.

The Material: Titanium is one of the strongest materials. It is long-lasting, making this the perfect razor to pass down through the generations. 

Customization: You control your shave. You can choose the blade gap, the two styles of base plates, and your finish (matte or polished).

Blade Exposure: 0.95 mm blade gap: 0.002" 0.68 mm blade gap: zero

Note: Whatever blade gap you choose will be consistent on both sides. The entire base plate will be made from the same material as stated above. As this is a unique base plate, an additional week will be needed to make, pack and ship.

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