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Timeless Razor

TISBBASE: Solid Bar Base Plate, Titanium

TISBBASE: Solid Bar Base Plate, Titanium

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Our Solid Bar Base Plate is beautifully crafted and will give your razor a unique look while providing you with an excellent shave.


The Design: Our Solid Bar base plate is a beautifully crafted base plate, perfect for providing you with a quality shave. The solid bar helps to protect your skin and your face from the blade, making this a less aggressive base plate.

The Weight/Size: Our Solid Bar base plate is balanced perfectly to give you control over your shave.

The Material: Titanium is one of the strongest materials. It is long-lasting, making this the perfect razor to pass down through the generations.

Customization: You decide your shave. You can choose between a 0.95mm blade gap and a 0.68mm blade gap. You can also choose a finish; matte (dull) or polished(shiny).


  • Material: Solid Grade 5 Titanium
  • Weight: 16.9 grams
  • Blade Exposure: 0.95 mm blade gap: 0.002" 0.68 mm blade gap: zero

Note: Our Base Plates must be matched with Timeless Razor caps as other brands might not fit. The underside of our caps are not polished; tool marks may be visible. We keep the underbelly of our caps unpolished so that they keep a tight tolerance on the pinch of the blade so it does not move around.

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