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Timeless Razor

TRBRCAP: Scalloped Cap, Bronze

TRBRCAP: Scalloped Cap, Bronze

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Our products are meticulously crafted from head to toe. The cap is no exception. Our caps are secure and begin the look of your beautiful timeless razor.


The Design: Our scalloped cap is designed to securely hold your blade so that it does not move as you shave. Simply screw your cap tightly on. The grooves on its underbelly will fit perfectly inside the spaces of our Timeless base plates.

The Weight/Size: The scalloped cap is lightweight and fits perfectly atop your razor.

The Material: Bronze material is very durable. Over time, it will form a nice patina that will beautifully transform the look of your razor.


  • Material: C954 Bronze
  • Weight: 14.1g
Note: The Underside of our caps are NOT polished so that they can maintain a tight tolerance on the pinch of the blade. Tools marks will be visible. Our caps must be matched with our Timeless Razor base plates.
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